Building the Vision

In 2017/18 we are investing more than ever in improvements to Continental’s strategic position.

While these improvements were underway we finalised the Continental University Strategy 2018-2023. This document will set out the ways in which we will transform our offer over the coming years, to achieve our Vision for 2023, described in our Strategic Plan 2018-2023.

As the funding for our development is in the process of being agreed. We look forward to providing regular and many significant updates about the projects we are planning to deliver.

The coming years will see the creation of new Academic and Vocational opportunities and mark a step change in how our academic and administrative staff meets the developing landscape of our academic endeavour: education, research and enterprise training.


The mission of the Continental University is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence.

Core values

The University’s core values are as follows:

  • freedom of thought and expression
  • freedom from discrimination


  • the encouragement of a questioning spirit
  • an extensive range of academic subjects in all major subject groups
  • quality and depth of provision across all subjects
  • the close inter-relationship between teaching, scholarship, and research
  • strong support for individual researchers as well as research groups
  • education which enhances the ability of students to learn throughout life

The University’s relationship with society

  • the widest possible student access to the University
  • the contribution which the University can make to society through the pursuit, dissemination, and application of knowledge
  • the place of the University within the broader academic and local community
  • opportunities for innovative partnerships with business, charitable foundations, and development organisations
  • concern for sustainability and the relationship with the environment

The University Partnerships

  • the relationship between the University and the Partnership Colleges and Institutions as fundamental to the nature of Continental
  • the interdependancy nature of the Colleges and Institutions as a major stimulus to teaching and learning
  • the enhanced quality of experience for students and staff through College and Institutions membership

University Collaborations

  • recognition and reward of the University’s Collaborations as its greatest asset
  • the encouragement of Collaboration and development opportunities for allme

 Staff, Agents & Other activities

  • the opportunities for broadening the experience of students staff and agents through participation in sport, music, drama, the visual arts, and other cultural activities